Preferred Suppliers

The ING is a group of professional Sales & Business Development people who focus on the Industrial market. There are currently 4 ING chapters in South Carolina (Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, & Spartanburg). Additional chapters are planned for specific areas such as Augusta, GA; Florence, SC; Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC; Knoxville, TN, and many more.

4 Distinct Groups

There are 4 distinct groups that make-up each ING chapter.


  • These are individuals who join a specific chapter and pay for their membership dues out of their own pocket without financial support from their company. These members own a seat for the specific category that he or she represents. If they decide to leave that company, then that ING chapter will allow them to continue as long as the seat is open within the chapter for their new company that they are representing.


  • There are companies within each chapter that purchase the seat to gain exclusivity for that chapter. That company has the right to place a specific salesperson within that chapter to build relationships,
    network, and gain new opportunities. If their salesperson leaves their company, then they have the right to replace them with another sales or business development representative.

Preferred Suppliers:

  • These are companies that would like to do business with the members of each chapter and can gain referrals outside the group as well.

Speakers & Trainers:

  • These are individuals who can bring value to each member by offering specific training material, coaching, and be a speaker for their company.

Joining The Team

To become a Preferred Supplier within a chapter or multiple chapters, then the following options are available.

Basic Membership – Free for 1 or multiple chapters.

  • No Membership dues and no exclusivity within the chapter at this level of membership.

Exclusive Membership – Membership dues are required per chapter.

  • $199 per year per chapter with exclusivity meaning no other preferred suppliers in the group that offer similar services. Please note can only have exclusivity for 1 service within ING chapter.

Become A Preferred Supplier!

Please Note these requirements are for both the Basic & Exclusive Membership levels:

  • Attend all monthly lunch and/or dinner prospect meetings to network and build relationships.
  • 10% back to the Industrial Network Group for any business generated from our ING member or to a referral from an ING member. This 10% is due on the 15th from anything sold to an ING member or ING referral from the previous month.
  • Opportunity to sponsor an ING prospect lunch/dinner meeting at each chapter that you participate in. The cost to sponsor a lunch/dinner meeting is $99.00 per chapter. In return for your sponsorship, the Preferred Supplier will get to provide a brief 3-minute presentation along with setting up a booth up to provide more information to the members and guests prior to and after the meeting.

For more information on the Preferred Supplier program:

  • Contact Cynthia Powell at 864-621-4456 or
  • Apply to be a preferred supplier here:

For more information on the Industrial Network Group

  • Please visit

ING Chapters

  • Augusta, Charleston, Charlotte, Columbia, Greenville, Spartanburg.

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