The Industrial Network Group (ING) is a group of like-minded sales professionals who desire to get more business and help others improve their sales in the Industrial Marketplace. The ING was founded by Chris Simmons in June 2015.  The first chapter was located in Spartanburg.  Now, the ING has 6 chapters in 3 different states.
The ING has 3 primary objectives:
  • We are dedicated to building a solid network of Industrial Sales Professionals.
  • The purpose is to create valuable information about industrial projects and companies by utilizing the knowledge of the Industrial Sales Professionals in the chapter.
  • To offer valuable training and best practices through information shared by speakers, trainers, and current members.

Chris Simmons – Founder

I offer Industrial Solutions such as Mechanical, Electrical, Maintenance, Process Piping, Recycling, Staffing, and much more for Industrial facilities. I am passionate about taking care of our customers by making sure the solutions that are offered by our company meets and exceeds their expectations.

I work with companies large and small to make sure that their Industrial needs are taken care on a daily basis.

Cynthia Powell – Administrator

Cynthia is a Chemical Engineering graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology. She graduated with 2 years of experience from her co-op program with PPG Industries. She joined National Starch and Chemical Co. in SC as a project engineer. She worked on capital projects, process improvements, and automation and controls. In 1999 she became an entrepreneur with a home-based business.
As a home base business owner she began to do a great deal of local networking. She was a leader and trainer for one of the largest international networking organizations for over 4 years. When she left that organization, she began leading her own networking groups. Being the administrative assistant for the Industrial Network Group brings all her past experiences and expertise together. Cynthia is a vital part of our systems and growth over the last year. She is also a preferred supplier to our members with her relationship marketing knowledge at www.AppreciateToSuccess.com




To generate more sales for each member by creating a systematic approach to increase sales & marketing skills, networking, sharing leads, tracking progress, and showing results. This will be done by discussing leads and opportunities on the weekly sales conference calls. All leads will be tracked and reviewed on a weekly basis.
The purpose of the Industrial Network Group is to create a group that will stimulate networking between like-minded industrial focused companies. The group will be built around three words: CONNECT, CONFIRM, and CLOSE.

The Industrial Network Group is for Industrial Focused Companies:
The purpose is to create a group that will stimulate networking between like-minded industrial focused companies. This group will act as a separate entity from all participating industrial companies. The group will be built around three words: CONNECT, CONFIRM, and CLOSE.

For a group to remain strong, each member must purposely connect with other members. This group will foster those type of connections by creating opportunities for each member to connect with other members. In order to make those type of connections, there will be members meetings, dinner/networking meetings, conference calls, and one on one meetings.

Many people who have been involved in leads groups often say that their group did not deliver the type of results needed for them to remain as members. The purpose of the Industrial Network Group is not only to promote connections but also be able to confirm the results that members are getting from the group. There are so many different ways that a member should be able to confirm the effectiveness of their chapter such as leads generated, doors opened, key information gathered, and quality training from the Coordinator or other members.

Every member that joins a local chapter of the ING does so to get more business. Fortunately, this group will deliver so much more (relationships, knowledge, training, information, skills, etc.) than just deals. However, it is important to note that the ultimate goal of every chapter is to help create more opportunities for each of their members. These opportunities will hopefully lead to more closed deals.

There are 3 levels of participation in each Industrial Network Group Chapter

  • Level 1: Members
    o Individuals who join and pay the membership fees.
    o If the member leaves their company, they could stay in the group if their new Industrial company’s category is not taken by another member.
  • Level 2: Companies
    o Companies who join will have the right to select the member(s) they want to attend the monthly activities.
  • Level 3: Preferred Suppliers
    o Companies who join in order to provide products/services to all the members/companies within the group.

The Industrial Network Group – Goals:

1. The goal of each chapter is to have at least 30 members/companies participating in each chapter that are industrial focused, non-competitive, similar in mission, and goal oriented.

2. The goal of each chapter is to have at least 12 preferred suppliers participating in each chapter that bring value, quality services, and great pricing to all the members/companies of each chapter.

Membership Information

  • Each company that joins a chapter of the ING will send both a primary and secondary member. Both the primary and secondary contacts can attend all meetings individually or together.
  • Each company involved will have access to multiple sales reps who will be promoting their services due to their affiliation with the local ING chapter.
  • Each member of the companies involved in the ING will get great exposure to sales strategies, sales techniques, marketing ideas, and activities that will help create more opportunities for your business.
  • Each member will hear great speakers and be introduced to more key contacts in the Industrial market.

Make-Up of Each Chapter

The Industrial Network Group will have the following in each group:
• Coordinator – to help run the meetings, recruit new members, and ensure that their chapter is focused on building relationships within the group.

• Membership Committee – this is a group of 3 to 5 members within each chapter. Their purpose is to review all applications, meet with prospects to determine if they will bring value to group, and to determine the categories that need to be filled.

• Members – individuals from Industrial specific categories who are focused on building relationships and driving sales to their company/and the members.

Want to Join One of Our Chapters?

Monthly Activities

• Networking will be highly promoted at every meeting.
• Knowledge and Information will be gained at every meeting.

• Sales training will be given at every meeting.

1) Weekly Sales Conference Calls

  • Each chapter will set aside the day and time to have their sales leads conference call.

2) Members Only Meeting:

  • Once per month based on date and time chosen by members of the Chapter. For example: 2nd Friday of every month; 8-10am
  • Meeting Agenda
    • 15 minutes of Networking
    • 10 minutes of Introduction of Members
    • 10 minutes of Education
    • 10 minutes of Preferred Supplier Spotlight
    • 40 minutes of Sharing leads, opportunities, projects, etc.
    • 5 minutes of Discussing targeted Industrial categories
    • 10 minutes to Close-Out meeting (questions, concerns, review calendar)
    • 20 minutes Open Networking or one-on-one meetings

3) Member/Prospect Dinner Meeting (Members, Prospects, Preferred Suppliers, Guests)

  • Once per month based on date and time chosen by members of the Chapter. For example: 4th Monday of every month; 6-8pm
  • Meeting is at a Restaurant
    • 30 minutes of networking
    • 10 minutes of Introduction
    • 15 minutes of Testimonies
    • 45 minutes for Speaker
    • 10 minutes for Q & A
    • 10 minutes for Closure

How the Industrial Network Group will be marketed:

  • Website/Marketing Materials/Promotional Items
  • Members reaching out to Prospects & Customers
  • Economic Development Groups
  • Inviting Purchasing Managers to our Dinner/Networking Meetings
  • Fall and Spring Customer Event

Policies & Procedures

  • Members must pay by check or debit/credit card for one-time initiation fee plus annual membership.
  • Members must pay a one-time initiation fee ($150.00).
  • Members must pay an annual membership fee ($1089.00) or can be done in monthly installments ($99/month) with a year commitment.
  • Members must be Non-Competitive and approved by membership committee.
  • Members must assign a primary and secondary contact who will attend the meetings.
  • Members must contribute to each meeting by bringing key contacts for companies and projects.
  • Members must be willing to participate in up to 2 customer events per year.
  • We have 12 members only meetings. Members to miss no more than 2 per year. Please send your secondary member to the members only meeting in your place if you can’t come.
  • If members missed 3 consecutive Members Only Meeting, their seat within the chapter will become open: meaning the membership committee has the right to pursue another member in that category.

Connect  •  Confirm  •  Close